Pregnancy and Postnatal 

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High quality, evidence based physiotherapy for mums and mums to be

Beth is a Pregnancy and Postnatal Physiotherapist who works across the full scope of a women’s journey through motherhood. It's her passion to guide you and educate you about all things wellness and health.


'I wish I'd known this earlier' would have to be one of the most common things she hears working in this industry.


Based in Melbourne, Australia, she has worked in both busy private and public hospital maternity wards, exercise classes for expectant and new mums, Clinical Pilates studios and, of course, her busy clinical practice.


As a busy mum of two herself, she has an understanding and realistic approach to her practice. She is a firm believer that there is no ‘one size fits all’ recovery plan to pregnancy and ensures individual and tailored management for all of her clients.


She is here to make your journey a more comfortable and enjoyable one.​



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