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Pregnant Woman Staying Fit

Pregnancy Physiotherapy Check - extended consultation

Comprehensive physiotherapy consultation typically completed between 21 to 24 weeks gestation, but can be adapted for any stage of pregnancy. Learn how to correctly activate and prepare pelvic floor muscles for birth, minimise and manage DRAM (abdominal muscle separation), bladder and bowel health and appropriate exercise for a healthy pregnancy.
Perfect if you are wanting a physically healthy pregnancy and maximise your recovery after birth.

Prenancy in White

Pregnancy Physiotherapy

Focused physiotherapy assessment and treatment for conditions such as lower back pain, DRAM (abdominal muscle separation), pelvic girdle pain (SIJ and SPD), pelvic floor issues, rib, neck, wrist and other general pregnancy aches and pains.
If you are pregnant, and something is bothering you, this appointment is for you.

Pregnancy Exercise

Birth Preparation (extended consultation)

Tailored extended session for women attempting vaginal delivery. Using evidence-based approaches including education around pelvic floor optimisation, perineal massage, pushing techniques, labour positioning and covering early postnatal recovery advice.
Typically from 34 weeks onwards, with the all clear from your healthcare provider (midwife, Obstetrician or GP).

For birth preparation for planned Cesarean section, please choose 30min pregnancy appointment.

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