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Beth Scott Pelvic floor physio pregnancy postnatal

Beth is a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, focusing on Pregnancy and Postnatal care, including the full scope of a woman’s journey through motherhood. Being a mother of 2 herself, it is her passion to guide you and educate you about all things wellness and health during this unique time.


Based in Melbourne, Australia, she has worked in both busy private and public hospital maternity wards, exercise classes for expectant and new mums, Clinical Pilates studios and, of course, her busy clinical practice since 2008.


Beth has enjoyed delivering in 1:1 consultations on the Maternity Ward of St. Vincents Private Hospital, Fitzroy, offering individualised early postpartum advice for new mums since 2013. She has over a decade of experience working within a busy Sports Medicine Practice alongside Sports and Exercise Physicians and fellow Sports Physiotherapists and running Clinical Pilates/Exercise Classes. Since returning from maternity leave, Beth was personally invited to work alongside leading Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in an exclusive Women's Specialist Centre in Mitcham. She has also extended her practice to the Ringwood area working with General Practitioners, Osteopaths and Lactation Consultants.


Through the culmination of her studies and extensive clinical practice, she has forged a particular interest in musculoskeletal conditions in pregnancy and the early postpartum period, and has helped many mothers with navigating their physical health during this time. She also has a strong clinical focus on Birth Preparation. From the most deconditioned mother-to-be battling hyperemesis, busy mums running after toddlers, to elite female athletes including CrossFit, F45, mountain bikers and ultramarathon runners - she has seen it all.


Beth enjoys fitness Pilates and Tennis in her spare time, and understands the complexity of rehabilitation on a personal level after extensive orthopaedic injuries and navigating exercise return after having children. She is thrilled to collaborate with all professions, and takes great pride in communicating with referring practitioners and health professionals to optimise her client's journey.

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